Three Keys to Parent Leadership

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As a man, especially a black man, I am programmed to be the hunter and gatherer for my family.  This means that my traditional role would be to work and to bring home the “bacon” for my family.  For the majority of my life, I did just that.  I had a successful career in management and, together with my wife, provided a very comfortable lifestyle for our family.  However, success comes with a cost.   Continue reading “Three Keys to Parent Leadership”

There is a Leader in You

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This article originally appeared in the Huffington Post on March 15, 2017.

I recently published my first book titled Discerning God’s Purpose:  A Father’s Journey from Tragedy to Triumph.  Right after it was published, I scheduled some book signings in order to promote the book.  At one particular signing, a woman came up to me and asked that I autograph her book.  While I was signing the book, she asked me what my motivation was in writing the book.  I replied that I hoped my words would inspire those who read it.  She said, “no I mean what motivated you to write the book in the first place.”  I thought for a few seconds and then pointed in the direction of my oldest daughter and said, “My inspiration came from her.” Continue reading “There is a Leader in You”

Do You Really Want to be a Leader?

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This article originally appeared in the Huffington Post on February 8, 2017.

For the past few weeks, I have been hosting live Facebook video segments called “Ask the Author” where I answer questions that people have about my latest book, Discerning God’s Purpose:  A Father’s Journey from Tragedy to Triumph.  Some have compared my book to one by Pastor Rick Warren called The Purpose Driven life:  What on Earth Am I Here For.  While I am obviously flattered with the comparison, I tell people that while the concept is similar, my book is actually a book about leadership.  While I do talk about my faith in the book, the central focus is how discovering my purpose made me a better leader. Continue reading “Do You Really Want to be a Leader?”

Time Well Spent

In today’s society, many people are consumed with their activities at work.  It takes top priority over everything else.  By working hard, living in a nice home, driving a nice car, and having their children attend the best schools, many view this as fulfilling their responsibilities at home.  In addition, many leaders believe that their leadership activities are confined only to work.  Further, they believe that the biggest impact that they can have is to mentor a young colleague.  I say this respectfully – but the biggest leadership impact that anyone can have is at home. Continue reading “Time Well Spent”

Worth Fighting For

In 1962, General Douglas MacArthur gave a speech to the US Military Academy Corps of Cadets titled “Duty, Honor, Country.”  It is arguably one of the greatest speeches given by a public figure in the history of the United States.  I first read the speech when I was in college studying for my degree and preparing for my first career as an Army Officer.   Continue reading “Worth Fighting For”