Don’t Feel Sorry for Me

This article originally appeared in The Good Men Project on May 16, 2017.

I recently had a conversation with someone and the subject naturally turned to our children.  When I said that I had one child with special needs and two other children, whom we adopted from another country, who needed extra time and attention to catch up on basic educational skills, his first words were “I feel so sorry for you.”  Why I said.  “Because of your poor luck,” he replied.  I told him the same thing that I am telling you.  Don’t feel sorry for me, my kids are doing just fine.   Continue reading “Don’t Feel Sorry for Me”

A Lesson in Parent Leadership: Answering the Call

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I recently read an article titled “I Didn’t Want To Be A Mom, But I Had Kids Anyway” about a mom who initially was hesitant about becoming a parent but after having difficulty conceiving, going through postpartum depression, and the normal trials of motherhood, now has a level of love for her children that she didn’t think was possible.  How did she get to that point?  Simply, she answered the call. Continue reading “A Lesson in Parent Leadership: Answering the Call”

Fathers are Critical to a Child’s Education

Four benefits of being actively involved in your child’s education.

This article was originally published in The Good Men Project on April 29, 2017.

I have always been involved in my children’s education.  Frankly, I don’t know any other way.  Growing up, my parents always stressed the value of an education and were always active in my schools.    Because of work responsibilities, they may not have been the class parent, but they made sure that they kept in contact with my teachers to make sure that I was always doing my “job.”  To them, a good education was the key to a better life.  At the time, I thought my parents were overbearing and like most children, sometimes I would rebel.  Later, after finishing college and beginning a career of my own, I saw the wisdom of their words.  As a black man, I would have few career options without an education.  My education allowed me to have career choices that have had a huge impact on my economic well-being. Continue reading “Fathers are Critical to a Child’s Education”

Three Keys to Achieving Excellence

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We have all heard the term “believe it and you will achieve it.”  History is full of examples where this has proven to be true.  During the U.S. Civil War, the Union and Confederate Armies were preparing for what is now known as the Battle of Shiloh.  Confederate troops, led by General Albert Sidney Johnston, were seeking to drive the Union invaders from their stronghold in southwestern Tennessee. Continue reading “Three Keys to Achieving Excellence”

Moving Forward

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We all have a purpose.  It may not be to lead a nation, but it could be to simply lead a child.  One thing that is certain and that is:  whatever the purpose, there will be challenges in your path.  Our job is to grow as leaders so that we may fulfill our purpose.  In a recent interview with Complex Magazine, Tony Robbins said that one of the secrets to his success is that he never stops trying to improve.  “Either you grow or you die.”  Truer words were never spoken. Continue reading “Moving Forward”

Four Leadership Lessons From A Special Needs Parent

This article originally appeared in the Huffington Post on July 26, 2016.

I can remember it like it happened yesterday.  My wife was pregnant with triplets and was in the 24th week of pregnancy.  She was in the hospital on bedrest when her placenta ruptured.  I received a page with those three dreaded numbers – 911.  I got to the hospital just after my wife went into surgery.  Over the next few minutes, I saw three isolettes being wheeled from the surgical suite with my very tiny new babies to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  Soon, my wife was able to recover, but my life rapidly turned upside down. Continue reading “Four Leadership Lessons From A Special Needs Parent”

It’s Not All About You

Recently, I had a minor disagreement with my teenage daughter.  She asked for the family’s help in making a video on a subject that she is very passionate about – Bullying.  We agreed to help her, however, the issue was that she wanted to make the video that same day.  I told her that we already had a full schedule for that day but she was undeterred (read stubborn).  She told me that the video was very important and that we needed to complete it today. Continue reading “It’s Not All About You”