Dyslexia: Suffering in Silence

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My son just started the 8th grade and my wife and I recently received some news that we were hoping for.  My son is Dyslexic. I can hear some of you now saying “You were actually hoping for this?” We are not cruel nor do we wish him any ill will. It’s just that after three years, we now know a key reason for his struggles at school and are in a position to help. Continue reading “Dyslexia: Suffering in Silence”

A Lesson in Parent Leadership: Answering the Call

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I recently read an article titled “I Didn’t Want To Be A Mom, But I Had Kids Anyway” about a mom who initially was hesitant about becoming a parent but after having difficulty conceiving, going through postpartum depression, and the normal trials of motherhood, now has a level of love for her children that she didn’t think was possible.  How did she get to that point?  Simply, she answered the call. Continue reading “A Lesson in Parent Leadership: Answering the Call”

Welcome to the New Cafe


Today is a new day.  I am re-launching the Jim Kennedy Leadership Cafe.  Over the past year, I have written here and elsewhere about how my role as a parent has shaped my leadership philosophy.  The response that I received was nice but it was clear that people wanted to know more about my role as a parent.  Specifically, readers wanted to know about my life as a special needs Dad.  My goal is to serve you the reader so if that is what you want, then that is what you will get.  I am honored to serve you. Continue reading “Welcome to the New Cafe”